Go back to class

Online dating not for you? Ok so if you don’t want to try online dating like my last advice had suggested here is a new free dating idea. Singles for Singles Classes Try meeting singles for singles at some sort of new class.  This is a great time to meet other people who are looking [...]

Rainy Day

This is just one of those days.  You know the one’s where you can’t seem to get a move on and get in a good mood.  Everything seems dreary and you keep replaying all the mistakes you’ve made and regrets you have. Everyone has these days sometimes.  Have faith, they do rear their ugly head [...]

Try it out

If you’ve been divorced for a little while and you think you’re ready to get back out there, then bravo!  I’m glad you’re ready to try again, being single can be lonely (especially if you’re like me and your kids can pretty well take care of themselves).  The question is how do you meet someone? [...]

No man is an island… but a woman can be

I’ve been told so many times, “Jacky, no man is an island,” after my divorce.  My friends and family thought I was taking on too much to handle.  Well, this is what I say to them, “No man may be an island, but a woman can be.”  Thus is our lot in life as a [...]

Divorced. Epic Fail.

  To be blunt I’m an old man to many.  I’m actually lucky to have even figured out the computer enough to search the internet yet alone create a blog post!  So, to be frank, this shows how far I’ve come.  I know you don’t know me but believe when I say I know what [...]