Online dating for beginners

When it comes to online dating, I’m about as green as you can get. Recently I went to a dating site and gave it a shot. Here’s what I learned. Look at the other personals before you write your own. I started writing mine, putting in a lot of detail before I thought of doing [...]

Repaired and ready for dating

  When you’re a single mom out in the dating world, it’s easy to start feeling like you’re damaged goods. Sometimes you even are for a while. It takes time to adjust to being on your own with a child when you’ve always had at least a little support from your ex. It won’t take [...]

No Dinner for One

If this is your first holiday after your divorce do everything you can to make it special.  The first holiday post divorce is always the hardest and you don’t ever want to look back on it as a painful memory.  It will just lead to think of all the good times you had when you [...]

Both feet in

Network Networking is a great way to get introduced to new singles for singles outside of your normal crew of friends dating.  You really have to put yourself out there in order to get as many potential personals dates as possible.  This may seem needy and desperate to you but it’s actually a welcomed change [...]

Hang in there!

Being back in the singles for singles world So let’s give the situation that you’ve been through a divorce.  You’ve gotten over the first big hurdle and you’re backing the singles for singles pool.  You’ve been dating a guy for a little bit and think it’s going well and you’re letting yourself get emotionally invested. [...]