Dating Stories

Dating can be a lot of fun, even when the bad dates are kind of fun. In fact, some of the fun of dating is having the bad dates and being able to tell friends all about it later on. The search for a romantic relationship can sometimes be extremely amusing, especially to married friends [...]

Dating and Age

Many people probably believe that dating is dating, no matter what the dating age of the people involved, but that’s actually not true. Dating can actually change quite a bit depending on age. The expectations are different right from the start. The way a guy treats a lady is different. Who pays for the dates [...]

Great places for a first kiss

With all of the emphasis on sex these days, it’s easy to forget that dating really begins with a first kiss. Where are the best places for that first kiss? I’ll be sharing free dating tips on that subject today. Location one: At the front door. A classic, expected and appreciated, sometimes the most predictable [...]

Top 10 spots to meet women

As a divorced dad and a not too brilliant Don Juan, I’ve had to really put on my Sherlock cap to find women in my city. Lucky for you, I’m now a dating blogger and I don’t mind sharing my newly discovered places for meeting (and hopefully dating) women. Here’s my top ten, in no [...]

Taking tips from your friends dating experiences

I used to be the kind of guy who wouldn’t pull over for directions, no matter what. If I had done a bit more listening and less talking, I might not be a single dad having to learn about online dating sites. These days I try and take in a bit more advice from people [...]