Great places for a first kiss

With all of the emphasis on sex these days, it’s easy to forget that dating really begins with a first kiss. Where are the best places for that first kiss? I’ll be sharing free dating tips on that subject today. Location one: At the front door. A classic, expected and appreciated, sometimes the most predictable [...]

Top 10 spots to meet women

As a divorced dad and a not too brilliant Don Juan, I’ve had to really put on my Sherlock cap to find women in my city. Lucky for you, I’m now a dating blogger and I don’t mind sharing my newly discovered places for meeting (and hopefully dating) women. Here’s my top ten, in no [...]

Taking tips from your friends dating experiences

I used to be the kind of guy who wouldn’t pull over for directions, no matter what. If I had done a bit more listening and less talking, I might not be a single dad having to learn about online dating sites. These days I try and take in a bit more advice from people [...]

Online dating for beginners

When it comes to online dating, I’m about as green as you can get. Recently I went to a dating site and gave it a shot. Here’s what I learned. Look at the other personals before you write your own. I started writing mine, putting in a lot of detail before I thought of doing [...]

Repaired and ready for dating

  When you’re a single mom out in the dating world, it’s easy to start feeling like you’re damaged goods. Sometimes you even are for a while. It takes time to adjust to being on your own with a child when you’ve always had at least a little support from your ex. It won’t take [...]