A Great Big World

Most of us just love the idea of some good old fashioned romance, especially when we are in a new relationship with someone that we are wild about. We love the thought of sending flowers, going out to romantic dinners, and maybe even taking some exotic trips with the new object of our affections. Lovely. [...]

Creative Writing

While every profile that we place on a Personals site does not have to be as flowery, clever and entertaining as The Pina Colada Song, we do have to try to present people with a profile that they will want to delve into a bit further rather than simply click right past on their search [...]

Dating Stories

Dating can be a lot of fun, even when the bad dates are kind of fun. In fact, some of the fun of dating is having the bad dates and being able to tell friends all about it later on. The search for a romantic relationship can sometimes be extremely amusing, especially to married friends [...]

Dating and Age

Many people probably believe that dating is dating, no matter what the dating age of the people involved, but that’s actually not true. Dating can actually change quite a bit depending on age. The expectations are different right from the start. The way a guy treats a lady is different. Who pays for the dates [...]

Dating as a single dad

Being a single father is something nobody plans, I certainly didn’t. Dating as a dad can be really complicated. Here are some things I’ve learned on being a good dad and a good date. Number one: Kids come first. Always. No exceptions. Unless you want to be paying for therapy and rehab in their twenties, [...]