Adam Esposito

Adam Esposito.  Married 26 years.  Divorced 5 years.  Three children aged 14, 17 and 24.

Those are what we like to call Adam’s “stats”.  When you first re-enter the dating world those are some of the details that get listed off first when you meet new people.  Adam, however, took this hard in the beginning.  Taking a long time off before the notion of dating someone came into his mind.  He and his wife were high school sweethearts from Chatham, Ontario.

After he spent a couple years navigating his way through being alone he finally started back in the game by looking through some singles for singles personals ads he found with an online dating site.  From there he burst into the dating world, going out with other friends dating and all around enjoying life.  He is now happier than ever and feeling like he regained his youth.  Listen to his great stories as he revels in his singledom.


Jaclyn Dube

Jaclyn Dube.  Married 2.5 years.  Divorced 1.5 years.  One child age 3.

Jaclyn’s story is not unlike other young, divorced mothers.  She’s struggled to raise her daughter alone while still trying to start over and match with someone new.  After 2.5 years of marriage Jaclyn left her husband, who she claimed  never loved her.  She’s now happier but extremely busy as she balances love, dating, work and of course her 3 year old.

Jaclyn is mastering the art of being a one woman army while still satisfying her needs.  If you’re a young mother this is a perfect chance to learn through her personals actions that you won’t hear on other advice dating sites.