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While every profile that we place on a Personals site does not have to be as flowery, clever and entertaining as The Pina Colada Song, we do have to try to present people with a profile that they will want to delve into a bit further rather than simply click right past on their search for people to contact for possible dating, romance, adventure, love, lust, and of course sex.


That cute little old song about the pina coladas did manage to illustrate several fairly important points. First, it showed us that we can be in a long term relationship with someone and sort of lose touch and intimacy levels with them if we stop communicating frequently and well. Secondly, it showed us that personals ads really can work when it comes to bringing people together. The woman in the song responded to an ad that struck her, without the knowledge that it was her own lonely lover who had placed the ad because he was feeling frustrated and a bit bored. Of course, it being a pop song and all, everything turned out just wonderfully in the end, and they both realized how lucky they were and how much they truly did love each other.

All of this sap notwithstanding, there are many people who can attest to the fact that it really is possible to meet amazing people on the various online dating sites that we have at our constant disposal these days. We simply have to be honest and open on our profile when we pen our profile. We have to make sure that we present ourselves in a true and positive way, that we do not overly embellish or exaggerate our good qualities, and we also that we are ready and willing to take a chance and see can happen for us when some nice people begin to respond to our effort.

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