Dating Stories

Dating can be a lot of fun, even when the bad dates are kind of fun. In fact, some of the fun of dating is having the bad dates and being able to tell friends all about it later on. The search for a romantic relationship can sometimes be extremely amusing, especially to married friends seem to really enjoy living vicariously through their single friends. They always want to hear about the dates and the sex. Great dates make them jealous, but bad dates make them really thankful to be married. It’s nice for the single friends to give a good mix of good and bad stories, because maybe it keeps people from really thinking that they might be better off single. No single person wants that on their conscience.

Bad dates

Some married friends can’t even imagine meeting total strangers from online dating websites, so they just find the entire thing completely incredible. Women often talk about nothing else during girl’s night out except for each other’s bad dates. Some groups of friends expect that they’ll hear all about the bad dates at girl’s night when everyone is drinking and relaxing. Most good friends have already heard if there was a really, really good date. Those reports can be given individually, but the bad date stories are always more fun to tell the group, especially if there are visual aids or people acting out some of the parts. It’s weird, but misfortune is always funnier than the good stuff, so bad dates are a great story telling device. Everyone who has ever been single and dated will definitely be able to empathize with the person who went on the bad date because everyone has probably had a bad date at some point in their lives. People who are not doing online dating usually want to hear about it because they sometimes find the whole thing pretty fascinating. They may never want to try it after hearing some of the crazy dating stories, but they’re still fascinated.

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