Dating and Age

Many people probably believe that dating is dating, no matter what the dating age of the people involved, but that’s actually not true. Dating can actually change quite a bit depending on age. The expectations are different right from the start. The way a guy treats a lady is different. Who pays for the dates is different. When a guy starts to feel that sex should be imminent is also different.

Dating and age

People in their 20’s seem to have a really good handle on how to date each other. They often go dutch, probably most often because they’re both pretty broke at that age and in this economy, but also because they don’t have the same financial expectations that older generations have. They like keeping things separate and even. The women don’t want to feel like they owe the guy anything – they want to know that they can have sex with him when and if they want to and for no other reason than wanting to.

Have sex

A lot of women in their 30’s and 40’s still expect the men to pay for at least the first few dates, and many will judge a man’s character on this point. Most guys won’t get a second date with a woman at this age if he doesn’t pick up the tab on the first date. The women at this age tend to feel that since women are still making less money than men to do the same jobs then the old rules still apply. Some men in their 30’s and 40’s are okay with this, but others do wish they could split the cost right from the start. Men in their 50’s and up tend to want to pay for the dates, and they would feel uncomfortable doing anything differently. They would never make a woman feel as though she owes them sex simply because they paid for the date, no matter how much they may want to do just that

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