Top 10 spots to meet women

As a divorced dad and a not too brilliant Don Juan, I’ve had to really put on my Sherlock cap to find women in my city. Lucky for you, I’m now a dating blogger and I don’t mind sharing my newly discovered places for meeting (and hopefully dating) women.

Here’s my top ten, in no particular order.

1. Dance class. This a a great one because you get paired off so you can tell of there’s chemistry or not. It’s reoccurring which means you can build a friendship over the course of 8 or so lessons. As an extra bonus, you get some extra skills on the dance floor.

2. Gallery openings. This is a good one to ask a couple along to. That way you’re with people, but since they’re attached to each other it leaves you room to mingle with the singles for singles.

3. Wine tasting. Another skill building place, where you can meet women who a bit more sophisticated. Having some good wine in order to relax doesn’t hurt either.

4. dog parks. If you don’t have a dog, just borrow a friends. It sounds silly, but dog parks are really great. The women there are usually fit, well adjusted and it’s easy to walk your dogs together if you hit it off.

5. Improv classes. Nothing is better than laughing it up with some other fun loving singles. Improv isn’t just for actors, lots of normal people go to them in order to become more outgoing or just get an edge in the business market. Men are usually outnumbered three to one at these classes.

6. Charities and volunteer work. Pick a subject that you’re passionate about. Maybe you love animals, or really believe in that new politician in town. Get in the office and start stuffing envelopes or join in on a charity marathon. Meeting women is easy when you have mutual interests in this sort of setting.

7. Dating sites. It’s great when you go to geographically specific dating sites. Look for online dating in your city. You’ll find people who you know are interesting in dating and are close enough to meet sooner rather than later.

8. Choirs. I know, it’s a weird one, but even if you can’t sing, you can just give it a try. Women are always the majority at choirs and there’s usually coffee and cookies after the singing is done.

9. Book signings. Keep a look out at your local book store for promotions. Try and find a book that actually interests you, then hang out at the book signing, get a book singed and start a conversation with a lady that is there getting her book signed as well.

10. Pottery classes. Think of the movie Ghost, because that’s what the ladies do when they join a pottery class. Working with clay is a very hands on, meditative activity that is both relaxing and focusing. This is one that women can become very passionate about, it’s the perfect opportunity to ask a girl out for coffee and chat more about “throwing” (when you use that spinning wheel thing).

There are always places to meet women if you’re willing to take a good look around your city. Keep your eyes open for free events and singles dating clubs in your city newspaper. You never know where you’ll meet that special someone.

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