Taking tips from your friends dating experiences

I used to be the kind of guy who wouldn’t pull over for directions, no matter what. If I had done a bit more listening and less talking, I might not be a single dad having to learn about online dating sites. These days I try and take in a bit more advice from people who know the landscape of life better than me.

Maybe you’re one of those people with their eyes stuck on the road, driving by good people with better directions than you have. If that’s you, pull over and give this post a read.

Tip 1. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. It’s an old tip, but a good one. My friend Joe went on an online dating site and started browsing. He saw a beautiful woman who worked as a teacher. He set up a date. It crashed and burned. She got drunk before dinner, she passed out in the bathroom, she puked in his car. There was no second date.

He got asked out by a girl who looked kind of plain from her personals page and who was unemployed. They met for a walk in the park and he fell in love, she’s funny and smart, he’s a better man when she’s around. Jane now manages a movie theater, and they are still dating today.

Tip 2. Is it your gut talking… or your fear?┬áMy brother Jake was in a great relationship, then his girlfriend’s roommate moved out and she asked Jake if he wanted to move in. He said yes but then got nervous, he said he kept thinking of reasons of why it would work. He almost broke up with her because he thought it was his gut telling him it would be a bad idea. Turns out he was just terrified because he hadn’t lived with anyone before.

Tip 3. Get a second opinion on anyone new you’re dating. They say that love is blind like it’s a good thing, it’s not. This tip comes from me. A buddy of mine started dating a girl, within a few weeks I noticed a difference in him. He was suddenly down on himself and he began wearing this terrible cologne.

When he brought his new girl around for night of pool with a couple of friends at the local pub, all of us were aghast at how she treated him. She belittled him in front of us and when he tried to kiss her she pushed him away and said that he smelled like garlic. The next day he got a call from me and a few others telling him in no uncertain terms that he deserved to be treated better. Thankfully he listened to us.

Nobody is an island and in my opinion before you start a dating life, you should have a good core group of friends. They’ll be there for you and give you the advice that might just save you from taking a bad turn in your dating life.

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