Great places for a first kiss

With all of the emphasis on sex these days, it’s easy to forget that dating really begins with a first kiss. Where are the best places for that first kiss? I’ll be sharing free dating tips on that subject today.

Location one: At the front door. A classic, expected and appreciated, sometimes the most predictable spots for a first kiss work the best.

Location two: When you’re walking to the car. It’s almost as simple at the front door, but the nice thing about this is you can stop before you get to the car, and so there is a little more surprise to it.

Location three: On a park bench. No, not in some seedy way. Seriously, if you’re on a day date, take a nice walk through a park. Sit down, start chatting, if the moment feels right, move in for a kiss.

Location four: By a bridge. Walking across a bridge is always just a touch scary. Before making the cross, stop and say you need a little courage before you can pass. Kiss and then walk across, then…kiss again!

Location five: While at the movie theater. You’re watching that scary movie, she jumps into your arms, you keep the arm there, you kiss! It’s natural and easy.

Locations six: When you’re dancing. There is something SO romantic about slow dancing with a new date. A first kiss on the dance floor, to a great song is a wonderful way to start a new relationship.

Location seven: Whenever the urge first hits you. Usually the first time you want to kiss someone, is the right time. As long as it’s not at a funeral or in front of a lot of people. Go ahead.

Remember, when in doubt, it’s always good to ask if you can kiss a person. If you’re confident that they want a smooch, then just go for it. Good luck!


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