Holiday Management

Well it’s that time of year again where holiday season is coming into full swing.  This is both a blessing and a curse for those families who have gone through divorce.  Now, it may not even be that bad for people who don’t have any kids but those divorcees that have to share custody, this time of year can be a nightmare.  First Thanksgiving then Halloween then Christmas and finally New Years Eve.

Manage Your Stress

Figuring out the personals details on who gets the kids what day can be tricky.  I’ve been doing it five years now and it’s just started to get easier.  This is because, unfortunately, parents end up fighting over the days they want to see their kids.  For instance, I always liked having my children over Christmas Eve so that they can wake up Christmas morning at my place but so did my ex-wife.  Believe me, fights ensued over who would get Christmas morning for three years straight.  With nobody ending up all that happy over the holiday’s.

These kind of situations are especially sad for the children if they are old enough to realize what is happening.  Not only do they have to deal with being separated from being with their entire family at one time but they have to deal with moving from location to the next all the time instead of just getting to celebrate.

The best way for families to deal with this huge issue, at least the way I found that works and seems fair, is to rotate every year.  So one year you get Christmas morning the next year your ex-spouse does and so forth.  However, if you both want different things then there isn’t as big of an issue but this is rarely the case.

Getting yourselves on a schedule like this is healthy for you and the kids.  Then you can plan schedules and events out well in advance.  If you know your kids won’t be there Christmas night it’s a perfect time to go do your singles for singles stuff or go hang out with the person you’re dating at the time.

So avoid the confusion and fights and manage your holiday’s accordingly.

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