Try it out

If you’ve been divorced for a little while and you think you’re ready to get back out there, then bravo!  I’m glad you’re ready to try again, being single can be lonely (especially if you’re like me and your kids can pretty well take care of themselves).  The question is how do you meet someone?  Unfortunately, I’m sure you’ve lost some friends in the divorce.  Whether they sided with your spouse or have decided to drop you both completely.  So meeting new singles for singles becomes a little more difficult shall we say.

I started out with some online dating.  I’m sure, to some, it might seem like an option you would have never considered but it was actually really helpful for me.  I found some great tips on there for how to get back into dating.  It introduced me to tons of women that were around my age so I didn’t have to sift through babies and they were one’s in my area.  What was also great for me was that I wasn’t absolutely sure if I could get back into it again so having the chance to just kind of chat online first really helped.

I’m currently dating, some I meet online, some through friends but I really recommend doing the online thing.  Even if you don’t want to date I’m sure they have personals for people who are just looking for new friends.  I know at this time in your life you can never have too many.  And you never know, they could introduce you to some totally amazing people.

Just a suggestion, but I tried it and it worked for me.  You have nothing to lose.  I’m sure your marriage and half of your worldly goods are gone by now anyway.  Been there done that.  HaHa!



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