Rainy Day

This is just one of those days.  You know the one’s where you can’t seem to get a move on and get in a good mood.  Everything seems dreary and you keep replaying all the mistakes you’ve made and regrets you have.

Everyone has these days sometimes.  Have faith, they do rear their ugly head less often as time passes after your divorce.  However, every now and then you just have to deal with it.  It’s odd, your life could be going great.  You dating someone through dating sites or your friends or whatever and things are going well.  Your kids are happy.  You don’t have to only be free dating because you have an awesome career and then days like this hit.  It’s just a natural part of life whether you’re divorced singles for singles person or whether you’re married.

My advice to you when these days happen is to just accept it.  Put on a happy face (especially if you have kids), pull out your umbrella and realize that the rain will pass and you’ll have a different outlook tomorrow.  Talk to your friend and family about it but then try and distract yourself with something that makes you happy.  Go on one of those dating adventures with that cute guy you’re seeing or head to the gym to keep up that hot body you’ve been working on.  Call the baby sitter and go get a coffee with a friend.

Do whatever, but don’t wallow.  That will just make the rain seem like a typhoon.


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