Hang in there!

Being back in the singles for singles world

So let’s give the situation that you’ve been through a divorce.  You’ve gotten over the first big hurdle and you’re backing the singles for singles pool.  You’ve been dating a guy for a little bit and think it’s going well and you’re letting yourself get emotionally invested.  Now, there’s where things could start to get a little raw for those fresh out of the divorce gate.

Dating again

Because you’re feelings are so close to the surface right now you may put too much into your first dating scenario.  I’m not saying you might be one of those lucky singles for singles that meet a great person as soon as the divorce is finalized but I’m not saying you are either.  IF you are dating someone and you think it’s going well make sure you take your time.  Dating is a very emotional situation full of duds and delights.  It’s possible that you are in two different places in life or that you may be more invested in it then they are.  Don’t be a pessimist, just be aware.  Some people can also be very deceitful and selfish no matter what age.  So it helps to be cautious, especially if you have children.  You don’t want to introduce them to someone too soon.

If this situation doesn’t work out don’t lose faith!  Hang in there!  There are tons of people who have bad relationships everyday and always find somebody new.  It may take fifteen failures of poor dating to just find that one person that you can see yourself with again.



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