Go back to class

Online dating not for you?

Ok so if you don’t want to try online dating like my last advice had suggested here is a new free dating idea.

Singles for Singles Classes

Try meeting singles for singles at some sort of new class.  This is a great time to meet other people who are looking for some form of a fresh start in a friendly and open environment.  When I say this I’m suggesting things like basic auto mechanics (good place for girls to meet male singles for singles), cardio, kick boxing, painting, writing (if your a guy), etc.  All of these things offer you a chance to meet new personals people.  They are also good activities that will encourage group involvement.  Classes that involve learning a language are more individual and don’t afford you the opportunity to engage with other people.

Friends Dating is a Good Idea Too

From here you not only get meet other singles for singles but also people who are already in a relationship.  Having friends dating that are outside of your current network is a good idea.  They could then potentially hook you up with single friends they have.  The point of this exercise is to meet new people.  It will also encourage you to step outside of your normal boundaries and put yourself out there again.  Even make a few new friends is always a good thing.

Dating Can Be Made Easier

And hey, you’ll walk away with knowing a new skill as well.  Just a word of advice – choose a class that will be equal if not dominated by the opposite sex.  This means if you want to meet men, don’t join a poetry class that is full of women.  Odds are hard enough as it is, let’s not make it more difficult on ourselves.


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