Both feet in


Networking is a great way to get introduced to new singles for singles outside of your normal crew of friends dating.  You really have to put yourself out there in order to get as many potential personals dates as possible.  This may seem needy and desperate to you but it’s actually a welcomed change to most people.  You’d be surprised at how intoxicating a friendly person can be and what do you have to lose anyway?  Nothing that’s what.

First start out easy on yourself by casually speaking with some acquaintances at work and having a couple laughs.  Then start asking them out to a lunch or two (just like back in middle school in the lunch room).  Even if their married they are a great resource to connecting with other singles for singles and jumping into that free dating pool.

If you tapped out that well no problem.  You can actually just start approaching people sometimes.  Us as a society is not used to being so formally confronted that we are shocked when it happens.  Give it a try and see if you can land a guy or girl at a coffee shop.  Don’t be intense or creepy about it but just talk to them like you would an old friend you haven’t seen for awhile.  Also, try not to deploy this tactic in an intimidating location like a bar because they are expecting to be approached  by someone at that time and have their guard up.  The worst way to get started on a potential new partner is for them to think you’re not genuine.

So go ahead, jump both feet in and see who jumps in after you.


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