A Family Affair

I cannot stress enough how important it is to be civil to your ex husband or wife if you share children together.  I don’t care what they may or may not have done to you.  Whenever you are in front of your child/children you should treat each other with respect and be civil.  I’m not saying you need to be lovey dovey like you’re a dating or even like you’re friends but if you treat each other poorly the only person that suffers is your kids.

Now, what you do on your personals time is your own concern.  If you feel you really need to yell and talk about adult issues than do so in private where there is no chance of your kids over hearing.  No good will come from trying to make your kid hate his or her mom or dad.  In most cases the child just ends up resenting you for bashing their parent.  So just save yourself your adult issues to the adult.  Don’t stress out the kid with things they can’t even begin to understand.

You also shouldn’t say bad things about the child’s parent to someone else when they are in the room.  Even though the child may not know what you’re talking about he or she could repeat it back to your ex and that could make another big batch of issues.  For example, you could call your ex a D-bag to your friend when your kid is around and even though they don’t understand the term “D-bag” they could still repeat it back to your ex.

So, let’s just save yourself the extra drama and keep everything simple and calm when dealing with anything pertaining to your ex while around your children.  You can go WWE when they’re not around.


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